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Use Docker for Local Databases

Problem You want access to a local database for some reason. You might be doing web or app development, or practicing SQL queries, or whatever. Why you want a local database is your business. Solution Use Docker. It can manage your data (with docker volume), your databases and versions (with...

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Deploy Jekyll to GitHub Pages

Problem You have made a beautiful blog with Jekyll (and hopefully with the Cadre theme), but don’t know the best workflow to make it go live on the Internet. Solution There are two options depending on your use case and preferences. Using the github-pages plugin When you create a new...

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Force Push a Git Subtree

Problem For… reasons… you force pushed a branch to your remote repository. For example, I’ve definitely done the following thing before (not that I’m proud of it): $ git add . $ git commit -m "useful message" $ git push $ # $ # shoot, i really should have also...

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Text Wraps in Safari, but Scrolls in Chrome

Problem On your website, you want to display text (like code) that should not wrap to a new line if it exceeds its y-axis boundary. In other words, if a line of text is too long, you want the option to scroll, as in the screenshot below: However, in several...

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